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There is no better way to explain OutlineAI's artificial intelligence than to see it in action with your own eyes. And there is no easier way to understand how our technology can help your company than to show it on the property you have worked on in the past and that you know very well.

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for Hoteliers, Hotel Chains & Student housing

Check different variants of your upcoming hotel simultaneously in 48 hours by adjusting nearly all possible parameters. Maximize your future revenue by adding more rooms and lowering operating costs per unit for your own hotel or for your franchisee.


Maximize future revenue

The greater number of units you can rent equals higher revenue and lower operating costs per room. OutlineAI will check nearly all possible design options to be sure that you choose the one with the maximum number without compromising living qualities. Until now, it took architects weeks to prepare at most a couple dozen building schematic designs. OutlineAI can generate hundreds in minutes and tens of thousands in hours. Designs automatically comply with all building regulations and hotel chain requirements that you choose, like room size, fire safety, daylight availability, etc. On average, they have 6% more units than those made by human architects.

Give your franchisee the newest technology

Thanks to OutlineAI, you can now offer your franchisee the world’s first artificial intelligence for hotel design that will help them succeed with their project. Our AI will maximize the number of units and compare different options in hours instead of days. This will lower design costs and help them assess numerous options that were never before possible.

Be ahead of the competition

OutlineAI will help you analyze more properties much faster with better results. With our artificial intelligence, you will have exact information about the possible maximum unit number in 48 hours, which gives you a significant advantage over the competition using the traditional human approach, allowing you to make offers much faster. You will also be able to check more options and variants, which, on average, have 6% more units, enabling you to offer better prices than others.

Compare different options simultaneously

Now you can compare different hotel standards and requirements simultaneously. Check how changing the size of your unit by 2, 3, or 10 sq. ft. will impact your project or compare how the requirements of different hotel brands will impact your projects. Now you can get all those answers in a fraction of time by checking multiple versions simultaneously.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We are proud of our algorithms and believe they are the best way to maximize value and reduce construction costs of your real estate. We want to offer you a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If any other human or computer achieves more units for your real estate than OutlineAI, we will be glad to offer you a full refund. You will just need to send us a design with more units with the same parameters that are not based on schematics delivered by us.

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