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There is no better way to explain OutlineAI's artificial intelligence than to see it in action with your own eyes. And there is no easier way to understand how our technology can help your company than to show it on the property you have worked on in the past and that you know very well.

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for Real Estate Agents

Whether your clients are buying or selling, our AI will help get them the most value for a property with the advantages of super-fast due diligence. This will help them sell or buy real estate much faster and make a decision based on accurate data. And you will get an advantage over the competition by offering world-class solutions for your clients.


Maximize value for sellers

When your client sells a property for a hotel, student housing, senior housing, PRS, microapartments or extended stay value of the property will be based on how many units it can accommodate. OutlineAI will check tens of thousands of different possibilities to find one that has the most, so your client can get the highest price.

Due diligence before buying

When your client is buying property for a hotel, student housing, senior housing, PRS, microapartments, or extended stay, there is no faster and more accurate way to evaluate it than our AI algorithm. By finding maximum units that can be accommodated in hours, OutlineAI will empower your client to price property better, bid much faster than the competition, and skip deals they shouldn't waste time on.

Based on rich data

Knowing the maximum density and number of units that can be built due to site parameters and regulations and the ability to check multiple scenarios at the same time, you will be able to make your estimates and reports faster and more accurate.

Stand out from the competition

By offering your clients game-changing technology, you will be able to provide much better services than your competition and win more clients. With better data and information than others, you will also be able to close more deals and grow your business.

Satisfaction guarantee

We are proud of our algorithms and believe they are the best way to maximize value and reduce construction costs of your real estate. We want to offer you a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If any other human or computer achieves more units for your real estate than OutlineAI, we will be glad to offer you a full refund. You will just need to send us a design with more units with the same parameters that are not based on schematics delivered by us.

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